Frequently Asked Questions


What are the costs involved in UnlaxTrader solution?

UnlaxTrader is an integrated solution with several pluggable third-party softwares, so the costs involved depends on which specific software you choose. At its core, our own software is a freemium product, you can use our free edition that comes with essential features and no expiration, or purchase a license to enjoy full features and technical support. See our features comparison matrix.

For trade execution, the trading platforms (MT4, MT5, cTrader) are all free when you open a trading account (demo or live) with any brokers that offer them.

For strategy development, AmiBroker has a trial version that provides almost all features but does not save quotes data. Nevertheless we would recommend getting a Standard Edition which is probably the best value for money product in the industry. It is a lifetime license and is not bundled with UnlaxTrader purchase. You can also opt for a totally free alternative like NinjaTrader, but you would need to port the Unlax Signaler open source libraries accordingly.

How to protect my trading strategy’s AFL codes?

AFL is an interpreted language and does not compile to binary file during runtime. Hence anyone who have access into your trading machine can see your AFL algorithm codes. If this is a concern to you, we recommend using .NET for AmiBroker to convert your AFL codes into Windows DLL library. You can further protect your DLL from reverse engineering by using code protection tools like Eziriz .NET Reactor. These are tools we used with great success, we can easily convert our AFLs into protected DLL with these tools together with some of our own libraries.

Do you support Martingale or Grid trading strategy?

Firstly, as veteran trader ourselves, we discourage the use of gambling tactics like Martingale or Grid trading. These tactics are excellent if the outcome of an event is random, like in a casino game or throwing a dice, and you are allowed to double your bets unlimitedly. However market events in trading are not random and a strong price trend can sustain for days, weeks or even months. Doubling up against a losing position is a taboo but unfortunately it is also a popular amateurish practice.

That said, if you really want to do it, you can open multiple positions of the same trade symbol with different lot sizes. Each UnlaxTrader EA instance handles one open position, identified by an unique Order Comment e.g. “EURUSD”. To open multiple positions of same symbol, you simply attach multiple instances of our EA to the charts and configure them with different lot sizes and order comments, e.g. “EURUSD”, “EURUSD2”, etc. You can also use third-party EA that provides Martingale/Grid specific features in conjunction with UnlaxTrader EA to manage your positions.

Where can I get historical data for backtesting?

Historical data is crucial for backtesting especially in Quantitative Analysis. There are many sources for intraday and EOD data for various instruments, free or paid. Dukascopy is a good and free source for historical intraday tick data up to 10 years of various instruments like Forex, CFD, Stocks, ETFs, etc. We recommend using free Tickstory Lite to simplify downloading from Dukascopy online database, and importing into AmiBroker. See our User Guide for details.

What about other trading platforms & strategy development tools?

Our current target audience is Forex traders, although our solution will work for any instruments offered by MT4/MT5/cTrader platforms. These are the most popular Forex platforms and are offered by vast majority of the brokers. If there are sufficient demands and our time permit, we will support other trading platforms as well.

The same goes for strategy development tools. AmiBroker is our overwhelming choice, we have been using it 12 years and counting. If there are high demands for other tools like NinjaTrader, we will consider integrating it to our solution. Note that Unlax Signaler (that integrates with AmiBroker) is open sourced, so you can port it to say NinjaTrader to suit your needs.


Is your trading strategy for sale or rental in any form?

Our UnlaxFX strategy is not for sale, rental or exchange in any form in the foreseeable future. Instead we provide various means for clients to invest with us.

Can you share your backtest performance results?

We can, but backtest results have little significance in determining future live performance of a strategy. Backtest results are mostly in-sample data used for strategy optimization, so they are always near perfect and too good to be true. We will be dishonest if we start publicizing our backtest results to showcase our performance, and you should beware of other signal/EA sellers who do so. Only verified live trading results with reputable brokers can be trusted in this industry full of scammers.