License Pricing

Free Usage Without License

UnlaxTrader is a freemium solution, you can use it for free with the essential features, or purchase a lifetime license to use all features. You can use UnlaxTrader in as many trading accounts as you wish, and run as many instances of UnlaxTrader EA as needed. We suggest you first try out our product for free, then consider buying the license for advance features. No re-installation needed, simply generate a license key to activate full features. Below is our features comparison matrix:

EA Features Free Licensed
Trade Mode
Signal Name & Comment
Lot Size
Stop Loss
Take Profit
EA Timer Interval
Max Spread
Max Open Positions
Order Re-entry Delay
End of Week Close Position
Disable Stops during Rollover
Correlated Orders Strategy
Max Drawdown Circuit Breaker
Other Features Free Licensed
Unlax Signaler
Unlax Cluster
DDE Plugin Setup
DDE Health Check
DDE Server for MT5

Trial License

We provide a 30-day trial license for users to try out our full product features before purchasing a product license. To generate a trial license, simply launch Unlax Key Maker and select Trial in the license combo box. Each machine is entitled to one trial per product.

Product License

A UnlaxTrader license is a lifetime entitlement to use one UnlaxTrader product for MT4/MT5/cTrader on one machine with full functionalities. It entitles you to two years of free software upgrades and technical support, after which you can continue to use existing version or purchase a discounted Upgrade License for latest version. You may transfer a license from one machine to another indefinitely.

Product License Price (USD)
UnlaxTrader MT4 $188
UnlaxTrader MT5
UnlaxTrader cTrader
UnlaxTrader Bundle* $388

*UnlaxTrader Bundle includes one license each for UnlaxTrader MT4, MT5 and cTrader at great discount. You can also purchase individual product license for each trading platform.

Unlax Key Maker

When you purchase an UnlaxTrader license, you need to generate a license key for your machine using Unlax Key Maker. Input your Payment ID sent to you in the invoice email. Payment ID identifies you as the legit owner of the license, so do not share it with anyone else.

Unlax License Key Maker

Check your license entitlements by clicking Licenses Purchased/Used.

License Stats

New License

For new purchases, open Unlax Key Maker, select New license, choose the Product you bought, then click Generate License Key. A license file (e.g. UnlaxTrader_MT4.key) will be created in the %UNLAX_HOME%\licenses folder. Please keep a safe backup of this file as you will need it when upgrading or transferring licenses.

Upgrade License

Each license purchase entitles you to two years of free software upgrades and technical support, starting from license key activation date. After two years, you may purchase ~50% discounted Upgrade License to extend upgrades and support for two more years, or continue using your existing version for lifetime. You can only upgrade to a newer version of the same product, i.e. you cannot upgrade from your old UnlaxTrader MT4 to UnlaxTrader MT5 or cTrader.

Once you have purchased the Upgrade License, install the latest version of UnlaxTrader. Use Unlax Key Maker to input your new Payment ID, select Upgrade license and choose Product. Provide your existing License Key found inside the license file. Click Generate License Key. A new license file will be generated and this becomes your effective license to run the latest version of UnlaxTrader. If you are using the new license on a different machine, your old license will continue to work with the old product version on its machine. Each old license can only be upgraded once.

Upgrade License* Price (USD)
UnlaxTrader MT4 $98
UnlaxTrader MT5
UnlaxTrader cTrader
UnlaxTrader Bundle $198

*Important: make sure you have an existing product license before buying Upgrade License, otherwise the upgrade will not work and we are not obliged to refund you.

Transfer License

Unlax License is transferable i.e. you can transfer your license from one machine to another, in case you have changed your trading computer or VPS. You can transfer as many times as you wish across different machines you own. Once transferred, the license will only be effective on the target machine and ineffective on the source machine.

Install UnlaxTrader on the target machine. Use Unlax Key Maker to input your Payment ID, select Transfer license and choose Product. Also provide your existing License Key found in the license file from the source machine. Finally click Generate License Key.