Why UnlaxTrader?

Programmers not needed

Automated trading requires good programming skills, either from yourself or hired programmer. With our solution, you don’t have to know programming, you only need to learn the intuitive AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) to formulate and backtest your strategy. Everything else is provided in our solution to bring you to automated live trading in the shortest time.

Before us, traders hire programmers to implement their strategy into EA/Robot, paying them each time there is a new strategy or changes to current ones. Besides the costs and uncertain quality of service, the biggest concern is their precious strategy is fully exposed to the programmer who could use it for his own gains and even become a competitor. With UnlaxTrader, you bypass hiring programmers, eliminating the above issues entirely. Another advantage is your strategy is externalized from the trading platforms, so there is no chance it gets decompiled by rogue brokers or platform engineers. You can further obfuscate your AFL formula to thoroughly protect your intellectual property.

All the best tools integrated

While you can use MetaTrader or cTrader to develop and test strategies, they are far from ideal for these tasks, as their main strength is real-time trade execution. You also have to learn different programming languages (MQL 4 & 5, C#) in order to develop EA/Robot on these platforms. Conversely, AmiBroker is probably the best and affordable strategy development and technical analysis software, famous for extremely flexible customization and fastest performance in backtesting huge amount of data. However it is rarely used for Forex automated trading as its API only supports Interactive Brokers.

There is a famous saying “only children make choices, adults want them all”. We believe in using the right tools for the right job, hence we integrate the best of breed technologies, AmiBroker for strategy development and MetaTrader/cTrader for trade execution, to form a seamless end-to-end solution. There is no AFL changes when transitioning from strategy development to backtesting to live trading. You can trade on multiple terminals/platforms without a trade copier.

Trade round the clock without stress

Automated trading when done correctly is a silver bullet. Human emotions are the No.1 enemy to successful trading, and the best way to eliminate them is to automate your trading. With our robust solution, you can trade the market round the clock even during your sleep. You don’t have to spend time monitoring your trades with our risk management features in-placed. You can focus on your day job while profiting from the market in parallel.

With Unlax Cluster, you don’t even have to worry about machine or network failure, as it can automatically failover to a hot-standby machine in a different data center. If you think your VPS will always be up like your vendor promised, we have first-hand experience to prove otherwise. As our brand name Unlax suggests, we strive to remove the stress out of your trading.

Risk management features for serious traders

Unlike most trading robots that focus on positions sizing features for Martingale or Grid trading (which incur high risks), we emphasize on risk management features. UnlaxTrader allows traders to use hidden stop loss to prevent stop hunting, avoid correlated trades for specified duration, avoid trading when spreads are unacceptable, stop trading when max drawdowns (daily/relative/absolute) are breached, alert and failover on system/network downtime, limit max open positions, close positions before end-of-week, support various lot size allocation models, etc.

Evolve into a better trader

We believe you will become more successful in trading by using our solution, as it did for us. UnlaxTrader lets you focus on improving and validating your trading strategies using a formula language designed for this exact purpose, not a general purpose programming language that is tedious to learn. You don’t waste time on implementing trade automation, error handling and risk management as UnlaxTrader already does these for you. Your sole focus is to make your strategies profitable, and leave everything else to UnlaxTrader.

We eat our own dog food, we trade with our own product. We have been trading Forex for many years on MT4, MT5, cTrader and Interactive Brokers. UnlaxTrader is born because we couldn’t find a worthy product in the market that seamlessly integrates strategy development with automated trade execution. Today we solely rely on UnlaxTrader as our fully automated trading solution.

No delay or slippage unlike trade copiers

There are many trade copier products in the market. They rely on copying trades executed on one trade terminal and duplicating them onto other terminals. This approach has an inevitable lag time and hence trade slippage, since order execution must be completed in the source terminal before copying can begin, not to mention additional delay incurred by transmitting data from source to destination.

UnlaxTrader doesn’t have this issue. Once a trade signal is generated in the repository, all terminals will receive it concurrently and start order execution. There is no source and destination to copy.

Strategic benefits for fund managers & signal providers

If you have a winning strategy and want to offer your trade signals for subscription on social trading platforms, manage PAMM, MAM or funded accounts for clients, our solution allows you to reach out to all audience on MT4, MT5 and cTrader platforms, without having to write a single code to implement each EA/Robot. Without us, your EA only eats part of the pie, missing the other side of the world completely.

Best value for money solution

Our unique solution has no direct competitors as far as we know. You won’t find another product with such ease of use, sensible features and affordable price in the market. UnlaxTrader is a freemium product that you can use for free or with a lifetime license for full features, unlike other products that are expensive to even rent for a limited period of time. You don’t have to buy more EA activations whenever you change your VPS or PC or upgrade Windows, as our license is transferrable across machines indefinitely. You also eliminate the cost of hiring programmer to develop and maintain your EA/Robot every time.

Pluggable and extensible architecture

Every major component in our architecture is switchable to fit your needs:

For strategy development AmiBroker is our clear choice, but you can substitute with other products like NinjaTrader and customize Unlax Signaler accordingly since it is open sourced. For trade execution platform, vast majority of Forex brokers are using MT4, MT5 or cTrader. We provide EA/Robot for all these platforms with the same set of features. You write your AFL formula once, and we execute your trades automatically on all these platforms. We will support other strategy development tools and trading platforms if there are strong demands.