UnlaxFX responsible & reliable signal provider

UnlaxFX is our fully automated Forex trading strategy running on UnlaxTrader solution. It is painstakingly developed with the goal to achieve consistent profit while adhering to strict risk management rules. It is available publicly for copy trading and privately for managed accounts investing. We publish trade signals for MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader. Our trade performance are 100% genuine and verified by Myfxbook. You can analyse our trade history & statistics thoroughly. Be sure to check out our trading strategy description. We trade large live accounts (not demo or cents accounts) with reputable brokers, currently our combined position size is >7.5 lots on >$100000 capital.

Copy Trading / Signal Provider

We publish our signals on many copy trading platforms with different subscription models and brokers, so subscribers can choose your preferred platform to minimise costs & slippages. Below is our official signal list, any signals not listed here but bare similar names are fakes or wannabes, we shall take action against them once discovered.

Signal Platform Copying Cost Our Signal
MQL5Monthly Fee Unlax FX, Unlax MT5
DarwinexPerformance FeeULU
FollowMeMonthly FeeUnlax
cTrader CopyPerformance FeeUnlax FX
Signal StartMonthly FeeUnlax FX
MyDigiTradeLot CommissionUnlax FX

Proprietary Trading

We are open to proprietary trading collaboration as long as the terms and conditions are favorable. As the risk management criteria may be more stringent in prop trading, we can adjust the risk management parameters and lot size allocation accordingly while trading the same entry/exit signals as our public facing accounts. We also welcome any other forms of investment collaboration that is beneficial to both parties. We are also looking for clients to invest in MAM account if your capital is USD5000 and above. Contact us for discussion.