Our Trading Strategy

UnlaxFX is a fully automated trading strategy running on UnlaxTrader solution. Our trading methodology is Quantitative Analysis. We use data analytics to discover consistently profitable price patterns over 10+ years of historical data. Algos are derived from widely used technical indicators, no secret recipe. The system evolves from many years of back-testing, formula calibration, walk-forward validation, automation error handling and live trading with various brokers.

It trades 16 FX majors/minors, comprising of about 80% Mean Reversion and 20% Trend Following trades. Risk management is our utmost priority, so strictly NO Martingales, Grids or Hedges. There shall only be 1 open position per symbol, max 3 open positions per account, no correlated trades within first hour of entry, all positions shall be closed before weekend. It requires only 1:100 account leverage.

Stop loss is mandatory except during rollover hour (16:55-18:10 EST), each FX pair has different SL and won’t exceed 35 pips. Stop loss and take profit use limit orders as well as reactive exits (based on current market strength). Trading is round-the-clock over all time zones, but trading activity is typically <30%. Mean reversion algos avoid news trading and abnormal volatility.

The system uses automated circuit breaker to manage risks. If Daily DD >8% or Relative DD >15%, no more new trades but let existing positions run till SL/TP. Daily DD resets at 18:00 EST everyday. If Relative DD >15%, we will stop trading for at least a week to re-tune algos and forward test, resume trading only when updated algos are winning again.

ECN or tight spread accounts are recommended for subscribers to maximize gains. Profits will be withdrawn periodically over weekends to ensure subscribers’ lot size ratio is stable. We don’t use dirty tricks like most sellers do, just responsible and honest trading. We would rather end in defeat than being a scammer.

Specification Value
Martingale/Grid No
Methodology Quantitative Analysis, Technical Analysis
Trading Mode Fully automated EA
Strategy ~80% mean reversion, ~20% trend following
Stop Loss reactive exit or limit order, varies for each pair (≤35 pips)
Take Profit reactive exit or limit order, varies for each pair
Trade Rollover End-of-Day: Yes, End-of-Week: Close
Trade Correlation No correlated trades within first hour of entry
News Trading No, reversal algos avoid news hours & abnormal volatility
Money Mgmt Model Fixed Lot Size with periodic profit withdrawal
Lot Size Ratio 1 lot per $10000 balance
Max Open Positions 1 per symbol, 3 per account
Max Drawdown allowed 8% Daily DD, 15% Relative DD (~4MaxSL or 140pips)
MaxDD Circuit Breaker no more new trades, allow current positions to run till TP/SL, tune/drop algos
Trading Activity Asia/Europe/US, ~10 trades per week
Avg Holding Time ~4 hours
Account Leverage 1:100

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